Aliens destruction or take over?

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Aliens destruction or take over?

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Please try to be helpful and don't be afraid to post constructive criticism. This is not Permission to say you hate the deck or that it sucks. If you want to post write something that would make the deck better not something about how I should scrap it.

Spoiler 1 has the deck. Spoiler 2 has the purpose of every given card. Third Spoiler has an important ruling.


Monsters: 19

3|Rgbt|Alien Dog
3|Crms|Alien Ammonite
3|Potd|Alien Warrior
3|Crms|Alien Kid
2|Potd|Alien Grey
2|Glas|Alien Telepath
2|Crms|Alien Overlord
1|Tp4|Morphing Jar

Spells: 9

2|Crms|Code A Ancient Ruins
2|Crms|Mysterious Triangle
2|Glas|A Cell Incubator
1|Sye|Mystical Space Typhoon
1|Sdj|Monster Reborn
1|Tlm|Brain Control

Traps: 12

3|Mrd|Solemn Judgment
2|Crms|Planet Pollutant Virus
2|Ptdn|Offering to the Snake Deity
2|Lod|Bottomless Trap Hole
2|Taev|Snake Whistle
1|Fet|Threatening Roar


3|Crms|Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar
3|Dp08|Armory Arm
2|Csoc|Black Rose Dragon
2|Crms|Dark Strike Fighter
2|Tdgs|Magical Android
1|Tdgs|Goyo Guardian



2|Glas|Alien Hypno
1|Ston|Alien Psychic


1|Fet|Lightning Vortex
2|Dp07|Hand Destruction
1|Tdgs|Book of Eclipse
1|Mrd|Heavy Storm


1|Fotb|Mass Hypnosis
2|Potd|Brainwashing Beam
2|Lon|Mask of Restrict
1|Fet|Threatening Roar



Alien Ammonite plays the job of simple tuner. It provides an extra monster that can either be used for the synchro-summer or a beat stick if the field is cleared. If Dark Strike Fighter is present the additional monster can also serve as an extra 1200 damage.

Alien Dog is a quick method of getting additional counters as well as a weak attacker. Generally fuel for either Offering to the Snake Deity or Planet Pollutant Virus. His effect also lets him quickly bring out Alien Overlord.

Alien Kid is good for placing counters on any monsters that get special summoned. This is particularly useful against decks that special summon a lot which is most of them.

Alien Warrior the strongest normal summonable Alien in the deck. Generally used for an early defense/offence his ability comes in handy since anything that can kill him is immediately given two counters. Most common monster to be special summoned by Ammonite's effect.

Alien Grey is a weak defender. It can place one counter as well as allow me to draw another card so it generally does its job well enough. Usually the first card to get sided out for a deck-specific counter.

Alien Telepath besides the obvious m/t destruction Telepath is also a decent fighter and his effect lets him fuel the A Cell Incubator.

Alien Overlord strongest beat stick available to this deck. Being able to special summon himself at a low cost and then replace any lost counters quickly makes him a great asset.

Morphing jar... What do I need to say about morphing jar? Keep up the good work buddy.


Code A Ancient Ruins lets me special summon my aliens back at a constant rate. Since every alien dead is another counter for this card and it only takes 2 counters to use the effect its practically a monster reborn every turn.

Mysterious Triangle provides a quick special summon and a reliable monster destruction. All in all not the best card in the great but not the worst either.

A Cell Incubator is real handy. Every time I remove a counter for Code A Ancient Ruins, Alien Overlord, Cosmic fortress Gol'Gar or Alien Telepath I get another A-Counter. Most people think you need to destroy this card as fast as possible once you got counters on it but that's a lie. Keep this little buddy around and you won't find yourself short on counters for Code A, Overlord or Gol'Gar. Better yet? Get two of these babies and every time you activate an effect that takes a counter away you get 2! That means you can always use Code A Ancient Ruins!

Mystical Space Typhoon kills spells and traps plain and simple. Activate it when I need it from my hand or use it like a dust tornado doesn't hurt me either way.

Monster Reborn I don't think I really need to explain this card. Bring back any monster from my Graveyard or steal one from my opponents graveyard. It's versatile and helpful.

Brain Control steal that level 4 monster and synchro it with Ammonite so I can keep my special summoned monster until the end of the turn. Steal a strong monster and use it against them. Tribute their monster for Overlord. There are lots of options and all in all this card is kind of a staple.


Solemn Judgement is kind of a staple in today's decks. Be careful not to use it on something that doesn't matter and keep it for the big stuff.

Planet Pollutant Virus is a fun card. Essential it can act like a Lightning Vortex and then give all my opponent's monsters counters for their next 3 turns. It gets even better when cards like Mass Hypnosis, Alien Hypno and Brainwashing are sided in but it really shines with Alien Psyhic is in play. It also works nice if your opponent would destroy the card anyway.

Bottomless Trap Hole whats to say another near-staple. Your opponent is getting something you don't like remove it from play simple as that.

Offering to the Snake Deity works great. Destroy an alien and destroy any two cards your opponent has. Like Planet Pollutant you can use it right before an Alien would be destroyed by a card effect to waste your opponent's card and destroy two of their remaining cards. General destruction is great. Works great with Snake whistle since when the Alien is destroyed you can flip Snake Whistle to get a new Alien from your deck.

Snake Whistle: If your alien gets destroyed don't fret just get a new one. If the monster is destroyed by any means you can just get a monster to replace it effectively wasting their move.

Threatening Roar: Good against those pesky Gladiators. If it would be destroyed you can activate it just to make sure nothing hits you that round.

Extra Deck:

Cosmic Fortress Gol'Gar is really the king pin of the deck. Easy to get with Ammonite he can really abuse your opponent. Use his first effect to get rid of any of those pesky Continuous cards and distribute additional A-Counters. Then use whatever number of A-Counters are on the field to destroy your opponent's S/Ts and monsters. If you have either a A Cell Incubator or Ancient Ruins with counters on it hold off on the first effect. Abuse the second effect racking up more counters on the Incubator then use as many from the Incubator as possible. Then if you don't have enough pairs of A-counters to finish off field destruction use the first effect to place more counters on Gol'gar. Replace the Incubator and have your fun again.

Black Rose Dragon: Nuke the field if necessary. Rarely used and would generally prefer one of the alternatives.

Dark Strike Fighter: This card lets you abuse the Alien's numerous ways of getting themselves out to blast your opponent's life points by a heft amount. Just make sure you don't leave yourself defenseless.

Goyo Guardian will only come out once in every twenty matches but he still packs a punch. Either steal a monster from your opponent or use Ammonite, Dog and Grey to get him out.

Magical Android really hes never come out despite how easy he is to use. If something happens and your Gol'Gar is permanently disposed of you can bring this guy out in his stead. You will get a nice 800 lp boost if you need it and his ATK isn't horrible.

Armory Arm is a combination of Ammonite and dog. Like Android hes still unused. He makes any other monster into a nice beatstick but all in all is only for real emergencies.

Side Deck:


Alien Psyhic is your average stall card. There are better but he does his job and adds to your monster counts so hes nice.

Alien Hypno is for those enemies that like to have a lot of monsters and little protecting them. Bust him and the other brainwashing cards and have yourself a grand ol' time with their monsters. This card is especially nice since it will let you keep his monster if this guy dies.


Lightning Vortex for those times when you just need to clear the enemy field of monsters. It also doubles as a great way of dumping one of those level 4 Aliens for Ammonite to bring back. Or I can dump something for Ancient Ruins to bring back.

Hand Destruction since the deck isn't exactly put in a bad spot by discarding I thought it might be nice to have a little extra draw power when the mood strikes. Dump some level 4s for Ammonite or any other useless junk you just don't want.

Heavy Storm: I don't really like the card since I have a lot of my own cards that I want on the field. But if my opponent is a persistent douche with his m/ts it's sometimes necessary to bring in the big guns.

Book of Eclipse I finally found a reason for this cards existence! Use this card right after stealing monsters with Mass Hypnosis and all the monsters you took are now yours permanently. Fun to steal three of their monsters and not let them get them back.


Brain Washing Beam: Works best if my opponent is the type who will let his monster sit there with a bunch of counters on it. A simple steal monster trap that lets me take his monster for a couple of turns.

Mass Hypnosis as already mentioned this card works wonders with Book of Eclipse. But for when you don't have Eclipse in your hand or you don't want to shove it in your deck you can simply steal three of his monsters and pound him with them. Depending on the field this can easily be used for an OTK with a few other cards.

Mask of Restrict: For those pesky Monarchs and the like. Mask of Restrict doesn't hinder the deck any so as long as I can get it out on time it does its job where it's meant to be.

Threatening Roar: Good against those pesky Gladiators. If it would be destroyed you can activate it just to make sure nothing hits you that round.


The Alien effect (If a monster with an A-Counter battles an "Alien" monster, it loses 300 ATK and DEF for each A-Counter during damage calculation only.) stacks between monsters. Therefore if I had a line up of five monsters with this effect and my opponent's monster has a A-Counter(s) on him he would lose 1500 ATK against Alien monsters for every A-counter on him.


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