Deck Building Challenge: Week 1 July 12th - 18th!

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Deck Building Challenge: Week 1 July 12th - 18th!

Message  The Paradoxical Entity le Dim 12 Juil - 23:33

Welcome to Team Element's Deck Building Challenge! I'll be your host for this Event!

Rules: All decks must be March 1st, 2009 Advanced Format and include a side deck. For entry all deck's must be submitted to me by Saturday July 18th, 2009 so that they may be ready to be judged and the top 2 deck's may be announced!

This Weeks Challenge: Build a deck combining at least TWO of the following deck types:
  • Blackwing
  • Gladiator Beasts
  • Syncro Cat
  • Skill Drain
  • Lightsworn
  • Earthbound Immortals
  • Morptronics
  • Spellcaster Lockdown

All decks will be looked at by a panel of judge's to determine the top 2 best deck's that have been submitted. After that the two best deck's must then engage in a best 2/3 duel to declare the winner of that week's challenge!
*Subject to Change Depending on Quality of All Entried Decks*

Have fun and good luck to all participant's!

To enter your deck, pm me it.

If you have any further question's please PM on the forum's or message me on the element channel and i'll be glad to help!
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