Zeta Monarchs

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Zeta Monarchs

Message  [eL]foxfires le Lun 3 Aoû - 18:07

Main deck


2 Zeta reticulant
3 caius the shadow monarch
2 raiza the storm monarch
2 thestalos
3 krebons
1 plaguespreader zombie
1 dark grepher
2 D.D. warrior
2 D.D. Assailant
1 D.D. warrior lady
1 Armageddon knight
1 sangan
1 cyber dragon
1 card trooper
1 treeborn frog


1 monster reborn
1 brain control
2 foolish burial
1 soul exchange
1 emergency teleport
1 heavy storm
1 telekinetic power well
1 enemy controller
1 Reinforcements of the army


2 threatening roar
3 bottomless trap hole
2 karma cut
1 torrential tribute
1 mirror force

Side deck

2 kycoo the ghost destroyer
2 nobleman of crossout
2 trap eater
2 mobius the frost monarch
2 mirror of oaths
3 kaiser colloseum
1 legendary jujitsumaster
1 return from the different dimension

I think this deck will be competitive but I feel that something is missing.
I'm looking for space to put a necro gardna and a draw engine in this deck.
Glad's are the biggest problem for this deck because they always can attack my tokens or treeborn frog.
Need help :-p

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