War Squad Requirements

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War Squad Requirements

Message  Dominator le Ven 29 Mai - 2:11

I am getting a lot of requests for War Squad tryouts so I want to get it a little bit more organized.

1. After you make a request, pm me what deck your deck type is and what times your available to tryout.

2. We need people who are active in the channel and forum. We have enough quality duelists that we don't need someone who shows up once a month.

3. We need people who are also willing to test other duelists once they are on the war squad.

4. We do not care what deck you use as long as it is good enough and versatile enough to beat all forms of meta.

5. If your sensitive don't tryout, we have a lot of quality duelists and I don't need anyone who will have their feelings hurt. If you don't get on the 1st time, all that means is you just need to get a little better and that is the point of this clan to, help each other get better.

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