Boredom's Archfiends

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Boredom's Archfiends

Message  Horolaggia le Mar 2 Juin - 22:38

Yea, I was bored so I decided to try my hands at an Archfiend deck. Heres what I got, see if you can make it faster. Gogogo.

Monsters - 20
1|Ptdn|Dark Armed Dragon
1|Fotb|Mist Archfiend
1|Dcr|Skull Archfiend of Lightning
2|Fotb|Archfiend General
3|Dcr|Shadowknight Archfiend
2|Dcr|Terrorking Archfiend
2|Csoc|Mad Archfiend
1|Csoc|Plaguespreader Zombie
1|Jump|Elemental Hero Stratos
2|Dp05|Destiny Hero - Malicious
2|Eoj|Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude

Spells - 13
2|Ptdn|Allure of Darkness
1|Mrd|Heavy Storm
1|Sye|Mystical Space Typhoon
1|Sdj|Monster Reborn
1|Dcr|Falling Down
1|Lod|Reinforcement of the Army
2|Dp05|Destiny Draw
1|Tdgs|Emergency Teleport
1|Tlm|Brain Control

Traps - 7
3|Mrd|Solemn Judgment
2|Lod|Bottomless Trap Hole
1|Mrd|Mirror Force
1|Lon|Torrential Tribute

Extra|Deck - 15
2|5ds1|Colossal Fighter
2|Csoc|Black Rose Dragon
1|Sjcs|Dark End Dragon
2|Crms|Dark Strike Fighter
1|Tdgs|Goyo Guardian
1|Csoc|Iron Chain Dragon
2|Tdgs|Red Dragon Archfiend
2|Tdgs|Stardust Dragon
2|Tdgs|Thought Ruler Archfiend

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Re: Boredom's Archfiends

Message  Guest le Mar 2 Juin - 22:44

- 2 hand destruction + 1 krebons +1 e-tele. -3 infernity archfiends[you dont have any infernitys] +1 battle scared +1 lawbook +1 mist archfiend

this should help you out alot. Very Happy Very Happy


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Re: Boredom's Archfiends

Message  [RyK]D3von le Mar 2 Juin - 23:30

ok i think i can help you make it a little more speedy by incorporating Destiny hero draw engine. Here are my suggestions below:

-1 Skull Archfiend of Lightning, -1 Archfiend General, -1 Mad Archfiend, -3 Infernity Archfiend, -2 Hand Destruction, -2 Threatening Roar
+1 Stratos, +2 Diamond Dude, +1 RoTa, +2 Malicious, +2 Destiny Draw, +1 Krebon's, +1 Emergency Teleport

Also i would suggest siding Deck Devestating Virus since your archfiends have high attack power and you can easily hurt BW's with it. If you want you can side the Roar's too its up to you. Hope this help's dyna!

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Re: Boredom's Archfiends

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